I made three strains. The battlecrosses are crosses of these families (2 or 3 way crosses). Basically it's just Lemon, Sweater and Hulsey Grey.

Our lemon is just low-med stationed. We had our new Lemon 84 line tested arrived last summer. The real plan is this Lemon 84 will be used to upgrade the original line if it really worth the breed. It proved their worth and plan to develop it separately.

This is the original Lemon Brood Cock acquired from Dr. Ronald Salgado of Dalubhasa Gamefarm.

Original Lemon 84 hen from Mt.  Araal


One of the line is made from a Nene Abello sweater stag and the other is made from Doc Salgado's hen. 


An F6 generation from the original sweater cock

Original Cock acquired from Nene Abello

The Original Salgado Sweater Hen

A 7/8 Salgado Sweater 1/8 Salgado Stewart Broodcock
We also have a Bruce Barnett sweater trio arrived last summer of 2009 from Mt. Araal. These are culled due to the 2009 GPGBI 8 stag finals. Making the good score from the other lines in the eliminations good as nothing.

Hulsey Grey
This bloodline is with us since 1995 from a very outstanding linebred cock used for battles and for breeding. I seperated the old strain I bred from the new strain I made. I call the old one "Classic Hulsey Grey" and the new one "Gwapings". They are both excellent the only difference is the looks.


Classic Hulsey Grey

My new  Hulsey Grey. Cames Silver Grey in color and the station is better

 Used for little infusions

McLean Hatch


White Hackel   



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